US Government Wants to Separate Mothers and Children

US Government Wants to Separate Mothers and Children

US Government Wants to Separate Mothers and Children

The US government, according to insiders, jointly illegally separate from Mexico immigrants mothers and children. The Ministry of Home Affairs discussed a corresponding proposal, the Reuters news agency learned from three government representatives who did not want to be named. The aim is to dissuade mothers from entering illegally with their children.

US Government Wants to Separate Mothers and Children

Under the proposed legislation, the parents could be held in custody until their proceedings had been decided. The children, on the other hand, were first to be taken into the care of the social welfare office until they were handed over to any relatives.

In the United States or to a guardian appointed by the state.

From the beginning of October

to the end of January, the US authorities took up around 54,000 children and their education workers.

This is more than twice as many as in the prior-year period. A US Federal Court of Justice ordered in July that the children of illegal immigrants must be released as soon as possible. This does not apply to their parents.

Currently, intercepted families are released relatively quickly and may remain in the US until their case has been decided.

Trump wants to change procedures

Republicans in Congress have argued that this known as a “catch and release” well-known approach encourages mothers to venture the dangerous journey with their children.

  • The women were assured that years would pass before their court.
  • President Donald Trump has called for a change in the procedure.
  • The immigrants argue against the fact that the women are because of the violence and poverty in many Central Americans.
  • They demand that they recognize the status of asylum seekers.

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