Trump Got into The Firing Line? Oh Really

Trump Got into The Firing Line Oh Really

Trump Got into The Firing Line? Oh Really

Firing Line donald trump Does the resignation of Trumps Security Adviser Michael Flynn point to a political course correction or is it only that President Trump wants to make his administration professional? We discuss this question with the political scientist Thomas Jäger.

Trump Got into The Firing Line Oh Really

What does the resignation of security adviser Michael Flynn mean for the course of US President Donald Trump? Was it just a matter of professionalizing its administration – or more?

US President Donald Trump

“Michael Flynn was a complete new beginning in American foreign policy,” says Thomas Jäger, professor of international politics at the University of Cologne.

“And so the Trumpists now suspect a conspiracy in the White House against the President by demonstrating to Michael Flynn that there is no lasting policy change in foreign policy.”

The hubbub around Trumps decrees more important decisions

In any case, in the face of his turnaround in recent days – for example in NATO politics – Trump’s position was slowly returning to the tradition of American foreign policy, says the Cologne political scientist.

“This is not a good news for some who have supported him, but for the Europeans this is something she can calm down.”

However, one could not ignore the politics that had been made in the background over the whole smoke.

Produced by Trumps “Decrewoche”: this policy is, for example, reversing banking regulation.

Other employees on the shooting list
Apparently, Flynn is not the only employee whose work the new president is dissatisfied. Reince Prebus chief of staff in the white house and spokesman sean spicer were also in the line of fire. “Having a spokesman who makes every press conference as a civil war is not really beneficial,” says Jäger. “And that has been going on into the Oval Office.”

Contrary to the controversial consultant Kellyanne Conway Trump seems to want to hold on.

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