Transgender soldiers are not allowed in US military

transgender soldiers

Transgender soldiers are not allowed in US military

After the surprise tweet, here is the official decree. US President Donald Trump signed a document on Friday instructing the Pentagon not to recruit transgender soldiers but leaves it to the defense department to decide on the case of those already enlisted.

In this document sent to the Minister of Defense Jim Mattis, Trump also points out that the Pentagon will no longer take over the medical treatment of transgender soldiers already working in the army.

Donald Trump announced in a twelve-month salvo at the end of July that he intended to ban transgender people from serving in the military, highlighting “the burden of enormous medical costs” and “disruptions.”

Between 1,320 and 15,000 transgender people in the army.He was back on an emblematic announcement of his predecessor Democrat Barack Obama, who had decided that the army should start hosting transgender recruits on July 1, 2017.

But the tweets of the Republican president were sent uncoordinated with the Pentagon and during the holidays of Mr. Mattis who had said waiting for detailed instructions from the White House on this subject “obviously very complicated.”

Two weeks ago, Donald Trump assured that he had done “a great service” to the US military by forbidding transgender people to serve. “You know, it’s a very complicated subject for the army. This is a very disturbing subject for the army, “he said. It is estimated that between 1,320 and 15,000 transgender people serve in the US military on 1.3 million active military personnel.

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