Protests in Iran after the removal of several applications by Apple

Protests in Iran

Protests in Iran after the removal of several applications by Apple

Many Iranians, including the Minister of Telecommunications, protested Saturday against the abolition of ten of the most important applications made and used in Iran by the online store of the American giant Apple technologies.Protests in Iran

The Iranians have multiplied the tweets to criticize Apple’s decision and an online petition has already collected nearly 5,000 signatures.

Among the deleted applications are Digikala and Bamilo, two internet-selling companies of the same type as Amazon, as well as those of Snapp and Tap30, two taxi companies such as Uber, or Delion, which delivers meals.

According to official figures, 40 million Iranians, out of a population of 80 million people, have smartphones. And among them, six million have iPhones. And in practice, this decision means that they will no longer be able to use or update these applications.

Apple, for its part, has simply explained that it has had to remove these applications from its online shop because of the US sanctions that prohibit any financial transaction between Americans and Iran.

The Minister of Telecommunications Javad Azari protested in a tweet saying that Apple had not respected the ”  rights of users  ” Iran.Protest in Iran

”  Information technologies must be used to make people’s lives better and more comfortable and not as a means of discrimination between countries,  ” he said.

Despite the nuclear agreement and the lifting of some of the international sanctions, the United States still maintains sanctions against Iran and President Donald Trump is steadily tightening its tone towards Tehran.

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