Mini ice cream cupcakes

Mini ice cream cupcakes
Mini ice cream cupcakes

Mini ice cream cupcakes

Surprise Cupcakes, Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Mini ice cream cupcakes


  • 16 waffles, (mini ice cream cups)
  • 200 g sweets, Jelly Beans & Berrys, or similar.
    16 muffin (s), mini-
  • 1/2 Port. Cream, American butter cream from the DB
  • Also:
      Food color, blue, red, green



Working time: approx. 15 min. / Difficulty: simple / calories p. P

The Minieiswaffelbecher (Baileysbecher) filled with sweets, I always take about 1 Berry and 5 Jelly Beans / Becher. Then place the mini-muffins on the cup, lightly press, if necessary, lightly spread with butter cream.
Divide the remaining butter cream into 3 parts and dye it with the food colors, work best with paste, liquid food color changes the consistency of the butter cream!
Now spread the cream over the muffins. Here you can choose between “Iceballs” or “soft ice” optics.

Of course, this also works with normal big softsis bags: then, however, you have to bake / buy normal muffins next to the mini muffins and of course use more sweets for filling.
Then place the muffins first in the beaker, then place a minuffin with cream “paste” and decorate: soft ice cream.

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