Luis Suarez is the new cover for Europe of PES 2018

Luis Suarez new cover Europe PES 2018
Luis Suarez new cover Europe PES 2018

Konami Digital Entertainment BV announced today that  Barcelona striker Suarez will be the next edition of the PES 2018.

” Suarez says its an honour for me“. This game gets better every year . I can not believe how real and similar I am in this year’s game. It’s just awesome! “

Suarez scored more than 100 goals for FC Barcelona, ​​helping the club to secure a place in the next UEFA.

Luis Suarez is the new cover for Europe of PES 2018

“Luis Suarez is for us the best and most complete striker in the world with a trajectory that speaks for itself – we look forward to seeing him break some records in the coming season,”  said Jonas Lygaard, Senior Director Brand & Business Development Konami Digital Entertainment BV ” We are very excited to work with him and have invested a lot of resources to properly recreate his skills and movements in  PES 2018 . We’re going to show a new game code at Gamescom this year. Therefore we can not wait for players to have a chance to see Suarez’s new gameplay and realism! “

PES 2018  has more news than any other PES title in the last 10 years. With more ways to play and without leaving any aspect intact. The famous gameplay of the series offers total control over the action in the field. Users will guide players who move and react like their real-life counterparts. New features in the control systems add more fluidity to the game, while a new user interface makes access to its multiple modes a simpler process. KONAMI has also confirmed that the PC edition of the game ensures the same gameplay as the main consoles.

The new game features more game modes for fans. The full online option of 11-Vs-11 join the co-operative modes 2-Vs-2 and 3-Vs-3 with the possibility of local guests. The much-asked “Random Game Selection” returns with new content, while the Master League implements preseason tournaments, a new transfer system, pre-match interviews and a look at the locker rooms. Similarly, PES LEAGUE, the eSport tournament next season, has been integrated into the main game.

Launch of Game

PES 2018  will launch on September 14 for PlayStation®4, Xbox One ™, PlayStation®3 and Xbox360 ™. The video game will also be available via Steam with a version that has undergone substantial improvements in terms of aesthetics and content. With the same quality and formats game is in form of current generation. Those who purchase  PES 2018: Legendary Edition  will also receive a limited edition metal box and a USB and will have access to a number of reinforcement agents for their staff including: an FC Barcelona agent, an 80+ Club Partner Agent and A UEFA Champions League star, access to Usain Bolt.

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