Donald Trump on the WTO confrontation

Donald Trump

Donald Trump on the WTO confrontation

In a first paper, the US government has its trade policy explained: The American sovereignty stands above all the rules of the World Trade Organization.
The US government under Donald Trump wants to question the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) if they limit American sovereignty.

  • This is the result of a government policy paper on the future trade policy, which circulates in the US Congress and which cites several media. “The Trump government will aggressively defend American sovereignty in trade policy,” the paper says. US laws take precedence over any WTO rules.
  • The US would continue to attack sharply against “unfair” commercial practices of other countries, it says. These include monetary manipulation, unfair state aid, theft of intellectual property and state-run enterprises.
    Most recently, WTO head Robert Azevêdo Trumps had announced sharply criticized the announced departure from free trade. Trump had already put himself against the WTO during his election campaign.
  • Instead of negotiating multilateral trade agreements, he wants to negotiate bilateral treaties with individual states. He has announced, among other things, punitive duties against car manufacturers, should build these vehicles in Mexico and then sell them in the USA.
  • The Trump had thus reminded Trump of the customs rules of the WTO.

It remains open to what terms like “fair” really mean. In the middle of January, Trump had accused German behavioral behavior and said that in some streets of the US, a Mercedes Benz was standing in front of each house. This was not reciprocal. “How many Chevrolets do you see in Germany? Not too many, maybe none, you see nothing over there, it’s a one-way street,” Trump had said. He said he was free trade, but not at all costs. “I love the free trade, but it must be a clever trade so I call it fair.” The Chevrolet brand belongs to the US company General Motors (GM). However, the brand has withdrawn from Europe. With his subsidiary Opel, on the other hand, GM is currently relatively strong in Germany.

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