Donald Trump Junior, the US president’s cumbersome elder

Donald Trump Junior, US president's cumbersome elder
Donald Trump Junior, US president's cumbersome elder

Donald Trump’s son, who admitted to meeting with a Kremlin lawyer during the presidential campaign, minimizes the gravity of the charges against him.

Not only did he publish the e-mails that briefly drove the stock market down.Donald Trump Junior appeared on Fox News on Tuesday, July 11th.

Scarcely shaken by an affair, he does not seem to judge very seriously. “In retrospect, I probably would have done things a little differently,” he conceded. But the proposal was enticing. “Someone had information about our competitorI just wanted to hear what they had to say … ” The president’s son called to recallthe turbulent context of the election campaign. “Things that go to 1 million km / h. ” And it was before Russiamania ,” he said. Before the press got up all that. “

At 39, Donald Junior is the eldest of the five children of Trump. One of the three ,born of the union of the real estate tycoon. He was 12 when his parents divorced. The scandal, spread in the New York press. To spare him, his mother put him in boarding school, in Pennsylvania. From there, he joined a prestigious business school in Philadelphia whose father was a graduate. After his studies, “Donnie” as his friends call him, he left in the west. Where he played the bartenders in Aspen, Colorado, while skiing . After a year and eleven days in jail for intoxication on the public road. He returned to the family ladder.

Donald Trump Junior, US president’s cumbersome elder

Since his father’s inauguration, “Donnie” heads the Trump Organization with his brother Eric. He is responsible for international trade relations while Eric manages the golf courses. His relations with his brother-in-law Jared Kushner, the president’s favorite son-in-law, as reserved as he is “big mouth”, are complicated. According to the press, it is Ivanka’s husband.Who, to cover himself , revealed the interview with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. He completed his form of defense accreditation secret. It is this review that would have put the investigators on the trail of the interview.


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